Monday, February 13, 2012

Talking about Shading:

I would like for you to Blog to me about your finished shading piece.  Take a look at your artwork from farther away(now that they are all hung on the board you can  see them up farther away) and answer the following 3 questions.

1.In what part of this assignment do you feel you were the most successful?
    ____The placement of the Objects
    ____How large and accurate you drew them
    ____How well you shaded
    ____or the entire piece all together (shading and drawing)

2.Do you feel as though your artwork pops outs, meaning your images look realistic?  Why or why not?

3.And lastly, do you feel as though you have improved in drawing in shading thus far?  How so?

Using Color and Soft Pastels

In this project your are going to pick a dominant color pattern to use throughout your entire piece.
      Example: I could color my artwork different shades and tints of Red and Purple(those are colors next to each other on the color wheel-Terciary colors.  And a shade is a darker version of the color you are using and a tint is a lighter version of the color you are using.  So now I can use a light red (aka:pink), red, a dark red(aka:maroon), light purple, purple and dark purple in my artwork.  Now those will be the colors that dominate my piece but it sometimes looks nice to add bits and pieces of other colors ever so slightly in your artwork as well.  So it is ok to add other colors too.

Take a look at how Georgia O'Keefe uses color dominance in your artworks: